Plan B Comedy began one warm spring afternoon when Brendan Hoyle and Jason Kypros said to each other, "Hey let's do something funny!!".  And they've been funny ever since.  Today Plan B Comedy is the resident comedy group at the Zeiders American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach, VA.  Their comedy offerings cover all the bases with improv, stand-up, sketch and video.  Plan B Comedy's brand is "Fun" and it shows.  Check out the site and we hope to see you at one of your upcoming shows!  Flip Flop!!  


Some pictures:

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The Team:


brendan kennedy

Brendan thinks about wearing glasses.


ed phillips jr

Ed is probably writing right now.


CB Wilkins

C.B. is an aficionado of the hug. 


leanna criss

Leanna is looking through you.


shea sullivan

Shea can tell you where Palau is.

Rename (34 of 50).jpg

ryan clemens

Ryan is actually stuck in this position.

Rename (24 of 50).jpg

beatty barnes

Beatty often sees visions.

CynthiaNewby (4 of 11).jpg

Cynthia Newby

Cynthia is our newest member!  

DecPlanB2016 (104 of 124).jpg

heidi joy delacruz

Heidi likes to plan things.


garrett barnes

Garrett's ears are often cold.


brendan hoyle

Brendan just remembered he forgot to set back his clocks.


jason kypros

Jason says Plan B Comedy is 2 thumbs up!!!



the Robot  

The Robot's not playing.