corporate workshops

"Jason and Ryan provided the Navy defense attorneys in Norfolk, VA improvisation training to improve our in court communications skills... They put our team, 14 attorneys, immediately at ease...  We transitioned to improv games that were specific to our cases and it dramatically improved our advocacy for our clients... The more experienced attorneys who have been through similar training unanimously said this was the best they'd ever been through... they made it light and fun the entire time.  I can't recommend these guys enough."     - LCDR Chris Czaplak

Looking to invest in your team?    Want to provide unique and effective training for your business or organization?    Plan B is the answer.  Our experienced leaders are ready to tailor your workshop to focus on your specific needs.  All workshops focus on transferable skills that aide the participants in the following...    

- Develop trust in your team

- Build confidence to think quickly on your feet

- Strengthen interpersonal relationship skills

- Direct personal focus and the energy

- Remain calm outside of your comfort zone


From the Navy JAG to the 5th graders at the local Catholic School, Plan B Comedy has a wide range of expertise.  Contact us today and see how we can help your team grow.